Founded: 2017

HQ: Pittsburgh, PA

Centralized control over decentralized payments

Vincent’s payment solutions put large institutions in control of individual disbursements. Every step of the payment cycle can be managed, starting on the front end and completing a seamless cycle back to the general ledger.

Vincent’s cloud-based software’s automation features remove time-consuming, manual-entry processes and allow for customizable reporting and compliance alerts. The software also maximizes efficiency with simple and configurable user controls that track and limit payer and payee actions. Vincent eliminates the risk of fraud that is possible with other payment types by utilizing anonymous, re-loadable, stored value debit cards. Assigning, loading, and cancelling cards is instantaneous and can be done on-the-go through Vincent’s mobile-friendly software.

Vincent benefits everyone in the payment process

Payees Benefit From

Instant payment; easy access to funds, including ATMs, retail establishments, and transfers to bank accounts; unlimited monetary loads to cards; balance-protected, MasterCard branded pre-paid debit cards; customer support online and by phone.

Payers Benefit From

A flexible system that is easy to learn and use; no petty cash to manage or track; instantly add funds and payees – no need to add individuals to vendor files; payments of compensation and expense; web-based and mobile-friendly platform; track costs within projects or groups.

Finance Benefits From

Customizable parameters on accessibility as well as amount and frequency of payments; reduced staff burden from user self-service; centralized reporting and auditing; built-in compliance with IRS (1099 reporting), HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Patriot Act, OFAC, and more.