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Founded: 2017

HQ: Pittsburgh, PA

Centralized control over decentralized payments

Vincent’s payment solutions put large institutions in control of individual disbursements. Every step of the payment cycle can be managed, starting on the front end and completing a seamless cycle back to the general ledger.

Vincent software maximizes the efficiency of individual payouts of any size and eliminates manual, error-prone financial processes. The company’s technology originated more than 10 years ago as a way to pay clinical trial subjects at UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh. Since its inception, the system has processed more than $40 million in payouts to over 600,000 research participants.


  • Technology developed by UPMC and University of Pittsburgh to pay clinical trial participants
  • System in use internally since 2007
  • In fiscal year 2016, $95,000 in payments transferred to 54,000 cards at UPMC and University of Pittsburgh