About UPMC Enterprises

We develop and invest in technology that is helping to solve some of the hardest and most complex problems in health care.

Our mission is to transform ideas into thriving businesses and life changing medicine

UPMC Enterprises is the innovation, commercialization, and venture capital arm of UPMC, a $26 billion health care provider and insurer based in Pittsburgh, PA. We tap the clinical acumen of thousands of UPMC physicians and rely on payer perspectives from the UPMC Health Plan with 4.5 million members.

These relationships and resources allow us to monitor emerging trends in health care and to identify, support, and commercialize scientific breakthroughs that translate into significant improvements in medical care and technology.

Our Approach

At UPMC Enterprises, we invest financial and intellectual capital into developing solutions that benefit the entire health care industry. We have a diverse portfolio, supporting both early and growth stage companies with a wealth of expertise from across our health system.

Portfolio Companies


We utilize a flexible investment model, tailoring the size of an investment to the situation and are looking for opportunities that fall within our current strategic priorities. Seeking to invest more than $1 billion by 2024 in our two key focus areas, we will partner with entrepreneurs and companies at all stages to make a significant impact on patient care.


Using our own people and facilities as a testing ground, we seek viable solutions to cost-effectively enable the provision of accountable care. Not only are we seeking to accelerate clinical research, but also to reinvent how consumers engage with the health care industry and how data are used to personalize care and manage risk.


When we invest in or form a company, the Enterprises team becomes an integral part of the company, offering much more than just financial capital. We foster beneficial relationships, making introductions across UPMC and across our portfolio, finding synergies and encouraging our companies to leverage each other’s strengths and collaborate when possible.

Our Focus

We are committed to generating and enabling exceptional health care innovations. To remain focused, we invest our expertise, time, and capital in a select number of areas where we believe technology can have a real impact.

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Translational Sciences

Investing in and supporting the development and commercialization of cutting-edge diagnostics and therapeutics.

  • Accelerate the application of scientific discoveries to deliver new models of care, narrowing the gap between bench and bedside.
  • Collaborate globally as well as with Pittsburgh’s nationally recognized academic institutions to make health care more efficient, affordable, and personalized.
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Digital Solutions

Providing strategic, technical, and financial insights to build innovative products and launch novel technologies.

  • Connect the entire health system with technology that empowers clinicians and payers to provide patient-centered, high-quality, compassionate care at the lowest costs.
  • Develop solutions that allow consumers to access medical services and information anytime, anywhere, and be engaged in all steps of their health care journey.

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Corporate Initiatives

We also seek to attract new ideas, technologies, and opportunities from various internal and external channels, including our innovative partners in Pittsburgh, to help enable and expand our portfolio of commercial businesses, ultimately allowing us to offer solutions that add the most value to those who utilize them.

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The MyUPMC app is the digital front door for UPMC. Its goal is to put patient’s health information right where they need it most. The app allows UPMC patients to get virtual care, message their doctor, make appointments, renew prescriptions and more.

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Together UPMC, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), and University of Pittsburgh have aligned to help mine data and provide to medical researchers and practitioners to make real life benefits to people. Using world-class computer science expertise from CMU, medical research experts from University of Pittsburgh, and UPMC with deep data, the clinical setting, and a positive record of successful commercialization this Alliance helps those who wish to change the practice of medicine.

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The Center for Connected Medicine (CCM) connects and inspires leaders and innovators who want to advance health care. Collaborating with a network of experts, the CCM is a resource for information and events focused on the future of digital health. The CCM connects a community of expert health leaders and innovators and provide a range of exclusive content via their reports, videos, webinars, articles and in-person events. Established in 2009, Pittsburgh-based CCM is jointly operated by Nokia and UPMC.


New businesses need all the help they can get. We provide health care entrepreneurs with capital, connections, and a world of resources.
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We have access to a vast library of decision-support tools and platforms that can support your efforts.

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Clinical intelligence

As a leading academic center, we have unparalleled scientific expertise and insight into health care trends.

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Our designers can help you create compelling, seamless experiences across physical and digital media.

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Our engineering talent is proficient in the latest technologies and has deep domain knowledge in health care IT.

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We provide expertise in M&A, company evaluation, and finance management.

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Health Economics

Through our unique knowledge of the health care industry, we can help you locate new growth opportunities.

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Human Resources and Recruiting

Finding the right people when you’re a young company is hard. We can make it easy for you.

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Top legal minds provide our portfolio with all necessary resources to form and grow a new company.

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Marketing and Branding

Building foundational brand elements, improving go-to-market strategies, raising awareness, and generating demand are all areas where we can offer expertise.

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We can provide systems and processes to help you run your business more smoothly.

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Through our network, we can find the right corporate or academic partner and help you structure a mutually beneficial relationship.