Founded: 2020

HQ: Pittsburgh, PA

Combining the latest in AI technology with clinical expertise to provide better insights, improve healthcare workflows, and drive better outcomes.

Realyze Intelligence is a technology solution that delivers Clinical Intelligence, which mimics how a clinician understands patients’ notes. Using a combination of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Artificial Intelligence-based inference, this Clinical Intelligence understands the meaning and intent in patient documentation.

Realyze’s general-purpose platform facilitates acquiring the narrative data and creating a comprehensive patient story for multipurpose use. This infrastructure enables reuse of its core clinical understanding, rapidly addressing many clinical scenarios and delivering results quickly.

Realyze is currently being used at UPMC, one of the largest health systems in the nation, for a variety of applications including revenue optimization, improving patient care, and clinical research.

Realyze Intelligence is far more than just a technology platform. Realyze Intelligence provides:

Clinical Intelligence

Realyze brings to light unstructured data through AI and couples it with structured data as well as with clinical knowledge to add context to the clinical chart.

Comprehensive View of Patient

Realyze helps paint the entire patient story by decoding unstructured narrative data in order to allow providers to offer the most effective and personalized care.

Expertise that Enables Smarter, Better, and Faster work with AI

Realyze helps take away administrative burden and free healthcare professionals to focus on patient care.

Out of the Box Clinical Application that Drives Specific Outcomes

Realyze provides a customized and unique clinical application that is focused on solving real-world problems and driving tangible outcomes.