Founded: 2011

HQ: Madison, WI

Exchanging clinical data to facilitate collaboration between payers and providers.

Moxe Health connects payers and providers to reduce costs and ultimately provide better care for patients.

The Moxe network securely transfers machine readable data so heath systems can access outside-generated clinical insights directly in their EMR and health plans have the patient data they need for payment and operations.

Moxe uses their Substrate and Convergence platforms to not only access data, but also integrate into payer and provider workflows for easier, simpler collaboration. No more fax machines, no paper, no errors.

Moxe helps:

Health Systems

Moxe allows for clinicians to sSpend more time with patients and less time in the EMR. From HCC reconciliation and closing care gaps to completing annual wellness visits and general releases of medical records, our the clinical data clearinghouse helps you health systems improve patient outcomes and increase shared savings.

Health Plans

Moxe fully integrates with the EMR to ensure the data you health plans receive can be used for payment and operations, risk adjustment, and HEDIS.