Founded: 2008

HQ: Pittsburgh, PA

Clinical decision support and data acquisition

medCPU’s clinical decision support tools are designed to acquire health data entered by clinical staff in real time, analyze the information and provide point-of-care alerts, and share best practice suggestions to caregivers.

UPMC is working with medCPU’s Advisor technology to capture structured and unstructured data from clinical systems. that data will then be compiled to create a comprehensive and normalized patient database intended for real-time processing.

Benefits of choosing medCPU Advisor:

High Accuracy Prompting

Advisor sees the entire clinical picture and continuously analyzes information against a robust clinical decision-support algorithm. This allows the triggering of high-precision prompting in real-time, specific to each case with high clinical relevancy and minimal false alarms.

Workflow Agnostic

There is no change in workflow. Advisor simply runs silently in the background, reading everything about the patient in real-time without requiring your busy clinical staff to do anything else.

Significant Realized Benefits

High-precision prompting allows clinical staff to be more attentive to the care.

Minimal Resource Requirement

Our team of experts builds, configures, and maintains best-practice rules and content to help improve accuracy and efficiency of decision-support prompts used by your organization.