Founded: 2019

HQ: Pittsburgh, PA

Infectious disease consultation, treatment and access via telemedicine solutions


Infectious Disease Connect (ID Connect) has been successfully utilizing telemedicine and bringing ID specialty services to hospitals since 2013. ID Connect brings a team of world-class ID Specialists to hospitals in a cost-effective manner. ID Connect provides primary expertise, back-fill support, or staff augmentation.

The avoidable risks, complex costs, and increasing regulatory requirements associated with not having an ID specialist make Infectious Disease Connect a logical choice as a primary telemedicine partner to hospitals.

Infectious Disease Connect advantages:


Improve patient care, physician satisfaction, and facility reputation.


Decrease antibiotic misuse, improve infection-related morbidity and mortality, and reduce health care associated infections.


Eliminate inaccurate diagnosis and treatment, reduce health care associated infections, avoid penalties and negative impacts of regulatory non-compliance.


Reduce infections, reduce patient transfers to tertiary facilities, reduce readmissions, and narrow antibiotic use.

“With Infectious Disease Connect’s services I feel much more comfortable that patients are getting the expert care they deserve.”

— MD, Hospitalist Program Director for 126 bed hospital.

 “Infectious Disease Connect’s service is a shining example of how telemedicine expands high-level academic medical care across community hospitals. It is an example of Best-Practice…”

— RN, Regional Telehealth Manager