Founded: 2011

HQ: San Mateo, CA

Comprehensive, scalable risk adjustment transformation solutions

Health Fidelity launched in 2011 as a technology start-up providing users with a clinical Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and inference platform.

Today, Health Fidelity is the only solution on the market that utilizes NLP to extract valuable insights from medical charts, changing the way risk is identified, quantified, and managed. The technology uses analytics, workflow optimization, and point-of-care integration to provide the control, transparency, and information necessary to successfully run risk-adjustment programs at health plans.

Health Fidelity benefits:

Health Plans

Health plans leverage a suite of technology-enabled solutions to optimize or supplement their existing risk-adjustment operations. With Health Fidelity, health plans achieve better compliance, improve efficiencies, and maximize value.


Health Fidelity's solution is aimed at delivering value without disrupting existing workflows. A suite of services and technology is tailored to meet the needs of any risk-bearing provider, regardless of size or risk-share maturity.