Founded: 2019

HQ: Pittsburgh, PA

Developing first-in-class therapeutics that engage extensively validated disease targets by activating critical regulatory networks through a novel gain-of-function strategy.

Generian’s mission is to discover transformative medicines that treat complex chronic diseases through activation of coordinated biological networks and subsequent restoration of cellular homeostasis.

Generian leverages novel gain-of-function strategies to increase the levels of known key regulators of biological networks whose activity is impaired in chronic diseases.

Their first-in-class drug development program has unlocked vast potential for small molecule therapeutics directed at targets previously thought to be undruggable.

Generian's unique approach:


Generian medicines are aimed at activating rather than inhibiting key cellular networks through a gain-of-function approach.


The Generian team has over 75 years of combined experience in small molecule pharmaceutical drug development and is supported by The Aging Institute at UPMC and University of Pittsburgh.


Functional targets and downstream signaling networks have been extensively validated by both preclinical models and human genetics to be key drivers of disease.


The Generian team has developed an innovative approach to uncover first-in-class, gain-of-function drugs that activate key cellular networks linked to quality control and metabolism.

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