Founded: 2019

HQ: Pittsburgh, PA

Rapid, Personalized T-cell Therapies for Cancer

BlueSphere Bio brings a rapid and efficient solution to the challenge of T-cell receptor (TCR) identification.

Adoptive T-cell therapies have already shown great promise in treating refractory cancers, and BlueSphere Bio is building on that success using their novel TCXpress technology platform. This platform makes it possible to identify and clone patient-specific TCRs that recognize a patient’s own tumor-specific neoantigens (derived from their own tumor’s specific genetic mutations) many times faster and more cost effectively than conventional techniques.

This groundbreaking technology will initially be developed to treat cancer patients via adoptive T-cell therapy, with the potential of expanding its use in auto-immune disease and transplant.

A personal approach to personalized medicine:


Faster and more cost effective than conventional techniques


Rapid and efficient enough to deliver personalized approaches to treat cancer

Vast Implications

Powerful enough to screen for rare lead TCRs for many disease indications