Founded: 2020

HQ: Tempe, AZ

Using technology-enabled clinical services to address the unique needs of high-risk populations, improving the quality, value and delivery of healthcare.

Arkos Health delivers value-based care to clinically complex populations by delivering a suite of comprehensive health programs and services. These services are aimed at the unique needs of high acuity patients while providing clinicians an easier, seamless experience to improve risk management and care delivery.

Arkos’ holistic approach improves clinical outcomes, decreases costs, and provides valuable insights across the care journey.

Arkos provides:

Managed Care Services

Our end-to-end solution is proven to improve clinical and financial outcomes by extending services where gaps exist along a member's healthcare journey and ensuring that members and patients benefit from our concierge healthcare experience.

Integrated Population Health and Virtual Care Platform

We provide actionable insights to clinicians and staff members allowing them to make timely decisions on patient care and to deploy the right services at the right time. Our platform streamlines virtual care services by facilitating high-quality care services through the Arkos Health Service Center.

Telemedicine Services

We enable virtual treatment for high-risk patients regardless of their living situation, resulting in patients being treated in place and decreasing unnecessary and disruptive healthcare events.

Direct Access Clinics

We provide direct access clinics focused on medical management with our concierge health services for patients who need it the most.