Founded: 1997

HQ: Pittsburgh, PA

Addressing acute respiratory failure

ALung is a medical device company addressing acute respiratory failure in the critical care space.

It was founded in 1997 as a spin-out of the University of Pittsburgh. Its primary product is the minimally invasive Hemolung RAS, a dialysis-like device that removes carbon dioxide and delivers oxygen directly to the blood. This system can be used instead of or in addition to mechanical ventilation for patients experiencing respiratory failure, commonly caused by COPD.

UPMC is providing clinical and developmental expertise and advice for ALung as the company embarks upon its plans for a clinical trial for Hemolung RAS as a step toward FDA approval.


  • UPMC Enterprises co-led $36 million financing round, April 2017
  • Technology behind Hemolung developed at University of Pittsburgh
  • UPMC was the first hospital system in U.S. to use Hemolung RAS on an emergency use basis