Founded: 2018

HQ: Pittsburgh, PA

Empowering patients to record and understand their health care stories.

Abridge empowers patients to securely record, review, and share their health care conversations, from home to hospital. The Abridge app uses machine learning algorithms to highlight important parts of the conversation for patients to review and share with others.

Co-created by doctors, patients, and caregivers, the Abridge app helps patients and their families directly record their health care conversations, so they can take their doctor’s advice home with them.  After the visit is over, the Abridge app creates a transcript of medical mentions. The transcript can be used as a way to navigate the audio, and patients can tap on moments they want to replay. They can also share it with family and their care team, to help them stay in the loop.


Patients use Abridge to:

Focus on getting great care

Recording appointments with Abridge allows patients to be present in their health care conversations, instead of being focused on taking notes.

Review & replay their doctor’s advice

Abridge’s technology highlights the medical terms in conversations to quickly find diagnoses, medications, or treatments.

Share their care with those who matter most

When a loved one can’t attend an appointment, Abridge can give them peace of mind and capture important information and ongoing care instructions.

Loved by patients, caregivers, and clinicians.

“I remembered 50% of what happened at my last appointment, but Abridge filled in the gaps and corrected a misunderstanding.” – Danny van Leeuwen

“I got home from my appointment and my husband asked me, “What did the doctor say?” With Abridge, I just replayed the conversation for him.” – Kate Tedesco

“My patients have been using Abridge for the last year to record our conversations. It saves me time and them stress.” – Kathryn Berlacher, MD, MS, FACC