Founded: 2019

HQ: Pittsburgh, PA

Human Antibodies for Therapeutic Targeting

Abound Bio generates novel human antibodies including engineered antibody domains for more effective therapeutic targeting of infectious diseases and cancer.

Founded by two successful leaders in the therapeutic antibody space, John Mellors, MD, and Dimiter Dimitrov, PhD, ScD, Abound Bio has a unique approach to antibody library development selection and engineering of candidate therapeutics, specifically researching immunotherapies for infectious diseases and cancer of unmet medical need.

A very common form of biologic therapy is a monoclonal antibody (mAb), a protein produced by the immune system. The Abound Bio team has overcome known limitations with the antibody’s size and has developed fully human antibody libraries in multiple formats ready for rapid discovery of high affinity binders for therapeutic targets.

Abound Bio’s differentiators include:

Novel Antibody Libraries

Abounds Bio’s ability to add new libraries increases binder diversity, coverage of potential antigens, screening capacity, and probability of identifying a lead therapeutic antibody candidate.

Therapeutic Format

Abound Bio’s breadth of binder format provides a greater chance of success by incorporating its diversified binder sets (Fab, scFv, VH) into the appropriate therapeutic platform (ADC, CAR, multispecific, etc). Each indication and target may have different requirements; thus, the breadth of binder format provides a greater chance for success.

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