Get to know FLIGHT

The group for Female Leadership, Innovation, and Growth in Healthcare & Technology (FLIGHT). Learn about FLIGHT’s mission and impact.

Created by a group of women at UPMC Enterprises in 2018, FLIGHT is a health care and technology focused forum for women, intended to create mentorship and networking opportunities, as well as highlight successful female leaders both inside and outside of UPMC. FLIGHT hopes to create opportunities for professional development and mentorship, cultivate the growth of talented women, and increase engagement of women within the organization.

“What I love about FLIGHT is that was formed through a grassroots effort. It is just a genuine effort from a group of women who asked themselves, ‘how do we help one another grow and develop?’ and then answered that through action by creating FLIGHT.” – Amy Cook, Chief Talent Leader, UPMC Enterprises

FLIGHT holds quarterly events which are open to all UPMC employees and the general public. Three panel discussions have been held at the UPMC Enterprises offices featuring UPMC leaders and industry experts to facilitate conversation and share knowledge in technology and health care. Panel topics have included health care operations, data and informatics, and innovation and entrepreneurship. Additionally, FLIGHT has also held several information sessions covering topics ranging from negotiation tactics to algorithmic bias. Great content has been shared with audiences from executives such as Leslie Davis, Diane Holder, Jeanne Cunicelli, Ann Evans, and Alissa Meade.

Beginning in 2019, FLIGHT set its sights on formalizing a strategy around mentorship. Launched in July of this year, the FLIGHT mentorship program is aimed at engaging and supporting emerging women leaders within UPMC Enterprises. The mentorship program was designed to create endless possibilities for collaboration, innovation, and impact, connecting mentors and mentees with shared expertise and unique experiences. Nearly 40 mentors and mentees are actively participating in the inaugural launch and have relayed positive and rewarding interactions. The current mentorship group will conclude in December. FLIGHT plans to launch their next mentorship session in early 2020.

In the future, FLIGHT plans to continue leading and expanding upon its successful programs. FLIGHT also plans to stay on top of current industry topics related to women in technology so that the group can remain on the pulse of what is most critical to achieving success and growth in this industry. The goal is to strive to turn these industry trends into successful programming that both male and female employees can benefit from. FLIGHT also partners regularly with 2 other women’s organizations throughout UPMC: WIT (Women in Information Technology) formed by ISD, and WITH Finance formed by UPMC’s Financial Services Division.

Keep track of UPMC Enterprises FLIGHT events by visiting our Calendar of Events page and following #UPMCTakesFLIGHT on social media.