Arrive Health Acquires UPMC’s Pharmacy Technology to Bring Automation to Pharmacy Outreach Workflows

Arrive Health Digital Solutions Rx Express UPMC Enterprises

With the goal of creating a first-of-its-kind pharmacy navigation network, Arrive Health has acquired a suite of innovative patient engagement and automation technologies developed by UPMC Enterprises and the UPMC Pharmacy Network. The technology, known at UPMC as UPMC Rx Express, supports pharmacy patient outreach and conversation flows. Developed over the last five years, the integrated workflow tools and AI chatbot help care teams prioritize patients who are at risk of skipping their medications and drive engagement through automated refill reminders.

Arrive Health aims to improve access to the most affordable, quality care by delivering accurate, patient-specific cost and coverage data to providers, care teams, and patients. By adding the pharmacy technology developed at UPMC to their portfolio, Arrive Health will expand its ability to positively impact patient access, affordability, and medication adherence.

The core capabilities of the technology developed at UPMC – integrated workflow tools and an AI chatbot – have demonstrated meaningful results within the health system, including a 200% improvement in medication adherence, a 32% reduction in 7-day readmissions, and the elimination of thousands of pharmacy calls per month.

“The UPMC pharmacy team’s clinical insights allowed us to create a scalable solution with proven results. Partnering with Arrive Health allows us to bring this technology to more providers and improve care for more patients,” said Brent Burns, Executive Vice President at UPMC Enterprises.

To learn more, you can read the full press release here.

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