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UPMC Enterprises and Redesign Health launch Pip Care to Improve Surgical Outcomes

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Pip Care, the first company to be created out of a collaboration between UPMC Enterprises and Redesign Health, will help patients prepare for and recover from surgery through a consumer-facing app.

Pip Care scales perioperative optimization and focuses on digitization and automation of existing perioperative processes, workflows, and protocols. The company provides one-on-one patient health coaching and education to best prepare patients for surgery and recovery.

Beginning later this fall, Pip Care will be piloted at all three of UPMC’s Centers for Perioperative Care (CPCs) throughout the system. The UPMC CPC teams use a multidisciplinary approach to improving high-risk patients’ post-surgical outcomes through managing chronic conditions and making healthy lifestyle changes before surgery. Currently, the three CPCs combined see approximately 10% of all surgical patients with inpatient stays at UPMC.

During the pilot, patients will have access to the full suite of Pip Care services, including appointment reminders, goal trackers, and access to Pip Care’s certified health coaches. Pip Care’s health coaches provide true one-on-one care and guidance, going beyond a one-size-fits-all approach for surgery prep and recovery. These coaches provide personalized care plans for patients at any given point during their surgical journey.

Supporting a patient through their entire surgical journey improves outcomes as well as patient satisfaction and lowers the total cost of care. Pip Care’s platform alleviates administrative burden, allowing clinicians to practice at the top of their licenses. With all this information in one place, patients and providers have a smooth experience navigating through the surgical care process.

“Pip Care represents a journey of collaboration to bring UPMC’s novel perioperative services to more patients through both internal scale and external commercialization,” said UPMC Enterprises Senior Director of Product Management Curtis Stratman. “I am excited to see the power of UPMC clinicians, UPMC Enterprises, and Redesign Health on display through Pip Care to impact patient outcomes.”

To learn more about the launch of Pip Care, read the press release here.

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