Founded: 2008

HQ: Cranberry, PA

Supply chain efficiency

Prodigo Solutions saves providers tens of millions in health care supply chain costs by improving contract compliance and driving users to buy the right product, from the right source, at the right price.

Prodigo believes that your supply chain should be driving your financial health. To help, they offer a plug-and-play technology that can be integrated with existing systems or operate independently. This allows customers to recognize cost savings through contract compliance.

Customers choose Prodigo to help:

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Reduce Special Requests

Special requests can be reduced by more than 50 percent, yielding a nearly 50 percent reduction in the cost associated with processing purchase orders due to increased automation and accuracy.

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Ensure Contract Compliance

Recover additional revenue typically lost in rebate dollars when you can ensure that more than 80 percent of purchased items come from the designated supply chain contract source.

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Save Time

Spend 30 percent less time placing orders, improve accuracy at the point of requisition, and generate a 2-3 percent improvement in supply chain costs.

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