Founded: 2008

HQ: Salt Lake City, UT

Data, decision support, and analytics, including cost management

Health Catalyst is a mission-driven data warehousing, analytics and outcomes-improvement company that helps healthcare organizations of all sizes improve clinical, financial, and operational outcomes needed to improve population health and accountable care.

Health Catalyst’s activity-based cost management product builds on a system built by UPMC.

About Health Catalyst:

  • Data warehousing, analytics and cost-management solutions
  • Solutions help clinicians and technicians in more than 250 hospitals and 3,000 clinics that collectively care for more than 70 million Americans each year



  • UPMC became a strategic partner and customer of Health Catalyst in January 2016
  • UPMC Enterprises co-led $70 million Series E funding round in February 2016
  • Health Catalyst licenses cost-management technology developed by UPMC; two organizations are working together to refine and commercialize the technology