Founded: 2015

HQ: Pittsburgh, PA

Advanced analytics in value based care, with a strong NLP focus. Providing both insights and workflow, focused on payers (HEDIS) and value-driven providers (HEDIS + other measures).

Astrata is a digital healthcare quality company focused on transforming quality in value-based care through advanced analytics. Astrata’s cloud-based tool suite uses NLP (natural language processing) to provide strategic insights and efficient, tactical workflows for payers and value driven providers using HEDIS and other quality measures.

Since 2017, Astrata has partnered with UPMC Health Plan to develop and validate a suite of analytics software applications and new work processes that use NLP to reduce the cost of quality measurement and increase quality scores. Astrata has also worked on the provider side, deploying automated quality measurement tools with UPMC Wolff Center for Healthcare Quality.

Astrata has unique breadth and depth in HEDIS-focused applications of NLP. In 2019, NCQA selected Astrata to be part of the NCQA NLP Working Group that is defining how NLP can be used to advance quality measurement.

Health plan quality programs using Astrata’s products can:

Increase HEDIS Scores and Star Ratings

Increase efficiency and reduce costs of HEDIS record review

Prepare for digital measurement

Act quickly on clinical data, even prior to dropping of the claim

Measuring Quality at Scale with Astrata’s NLP-based Advanced Analytics

Astrata’s advanced analytics tools use NLP (natural language processing) to bring the signal to the surface, significantly reducing the cost of measuring and improving HEDIS quality scores year-round.

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