Why I Moved to Pittsburgh, Engineering Team

If there’s anything readers have learned in this blog series, it’s that our employees come from far and wide. This month is no exception. Except instead of crossing state borders, these individuals crossed continents.

Get to know two of the Engineers who packed up and made the journey halfway across the world – or further – to join UPMC and make Pittsburgh their new home.


Tell us who you are, where you’re from, and what you do at UPMC Enterprises.

Name:   Vlad Stratimirovic, Data Analyst

I’m originally from Belgrade, Serbia and moved to Pittsburgh with my wife in 2000.

As a data analyst, I work on several different products, identifying possible new data feeds, optimizing existing data feeds, and also data mapping. Data plays such an integral role in so much of what we do that I’m constantly working with different team members, which is perfect because I really enjoy interacting with new people and projects.

Name:   Xuefei Hu, Software Test Engineer

I was born and raised in Nanjing, China, and came to the United States to attend college in Philadelphia before moving west to Pittsburgh in 2014.

I’m a software test engineer at UPMC Enterprises, which means that I’m involved in all phases of testing before specific updates are released. I work with the team to create the initial test plan, implement automation and manual tests for product features, and then conduct regression testing before the release.

So, what brought you to Pittsburgh and what has kept you here?

Xeufei: College was what brought me to the US, and UPMC was the driving force that led to my move to Pittsburgh. After graduation I was looking for a job and was told about a recruiting event that included UPMC. I was able to connect with the team which led to an online interview and eventually, a job offer.

I’ve been in Pittsburgh for almost five years and don’t see myself leaving anytime soon. It’s the perfect sized city with lots of things to do and places to explore. It’s very welcoming and never feels overwhelming or crowded.

Vlad: My path to Pittsburgh was paved through the US Green Card Lottery. My wife entered in 1998 and was selected that same year. This was a pretty remarkable feat considering we had friends who hadn’t been selected for more than 10 years. When we were selected, we were given the opportunity to move to a few different cities, including Pittsburgh. We consulted with friends who had already made the move and decided on Pittsburgh. Not only was it an affordable, friendly city with a rich history, we already had two friends who lived here, so that made the decision a little easier.

We’ve been here for more than 19 years and don’t have any plans of leaving. We’ve bought a house in Pittsburgh, have kids growing up in Pittsburgh, and really enjoy the area. It’s a really friendly city and perfect for families.

What has changed the most since you’ve lived here?

Vlad: Pittsburgh is still an affordable city, but it’s growing. A big part of that has been technology-driven, which means more people and more opportunities, but also more traffic. For as much as the city has changed, one thing that hasn’t are the people. It’s still a very stable and friendly city. I love seeing the city expand, but do hope that my commute won’t be affected!

Xeufei: I’ve watched the health care, education, and IT industries continue to grow and add jobs. I don’t expect that to change as more companies see the benefits of operating in Pittsburgh and institutions like the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon graduate the next generation of young entrepreneurs. It’s an exciting time for the city and I’m glad to be a part of it.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Pittsburgh?

Xeufei: I like the landscape of the entire area. It’s a lot of fun walking around hills, valleys, streams, and the twists that accompany them. Hiking is one of my favorite activities and Pittsburgh is great for that. There are lots of beautiful parks and places to hike.

Vlad: My favorite thing about living here is that it really does feel like home. My wife and I have built a great life in Pittsburgh, in large part because of the opportunities we’ve been given. What we’ve found is that hard work does pay off, and we see the rewards every day. There is a documentary series on our local PBS channel about the history of Pittsburgh and when I watch it I feel like I was born here and it’s the place I truly belong. It makes me feel like a real part of Pittsburgh.

As far as activities go, our lives pretty much revolve around our kids. That means if we’re not at home playing chess, we’re out visiting the Carnegie Museum or attending swim meets. Our kids keep us very busy.

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