Why I Moved to Pittsburgh – Shared Services Part I

Last month marked the first post in the series “Why I Moved to Pittsburgh.” In it, we introduced you to three members of our Machine Learning team and had them explain, in their own words, why they moved to and why they’re staying put in the ‘burgh.

This month we’re turning our attention to the Shared Services team and a few friendly faces below who crossed state lines and borders to make Pittsburgh their home.

Before we do that, let’s talk a little about what Shared Services does. The UPMC Enterprises Shared Services team includes Marketing, Legal, Finance, Human Resources, and Talent Acquisition. Just like the name suggests, each works across the entire UPMC Enterprises landscape and with our portfolio companies. Need to fill an open position, draft an investment contract, review benefits, crunch numbers, or create a marketing plan? Shared Services is here to help.

Interested in calling the ‘Steel City’ home? We think you’ll love it here. Visit our careers page to search open positions.

Where are you originally from and when did you move to Pittsburgh?


Name:   Claudia Mena

Title:      HR Consultant

I was born in Viña del Mar, Chile, and raised in Boca Raton, Florida. I moved to Pittsburgh in September of 2016, just two days before I started my job at UPMC Enterprises.



Name:   Matt Giljahn

Title:      Marketing Manager

I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, and moved to Pittsburgh a little less than a year ago (October 2017). Let the record show that: No, I’m not a diehard Buckeye fan; yes, I love the Browns and Skyline chili; and no, I’m not happy about Lebron going to the Lakers.



What brought you to Pittsburgh and what has kept you here?

Matt: I actually moved here for Pittsburgh. I made my first trek to the city in 2011. When I came through the Fort Pitt Tunnels and saw the city skyline, I fell in love. The architecture, the museums, the neighborhoods, I wanted it all. One of the big things that’s hooked me on the city is the ability to walk everywhere. I live in East Liberty (near the UPMCE offices), so I walk to work. I walk to the grocery store. I walk to restaurants. I walk to Shadyside for Pamela’s. It’s an addicting lifestyle!

Claudia: Life, love, and work are the three big things that brought me to Pittsburgh. It’s a long story, but I met my fiancé when he was vacationing (and I was living) in Florida. After dating long distance for a while, I decided to move to Pittsburgh. What I’ve found is that Pittsburgh offers big-city amenities with a small-ish town feel. It’s a charming place where everyone seems to know someone, almost like a sort of big, extended family. Oh, and they have the best pierogis.

In your opinion, what makes Pittsburgh a great place to work and live?

Claudia: Perhaps having come from a foreign country, my point of view of the United States as a whole is that it’s a land of limitless opportunities. Pittsburgh, specifically, has really turned into a serious tech hub over the past few years and makes access to these opportunities as easy as crossing a bridge, or three.

Matt: Maybe it’s because I see a lot of it with my job, but Pittsburgh seems like a place where if you have an idea, you can incubate it, find partners, and turn it into a real product/service/company, just like that! There are so many resources around every corner to make anything possible. Working for a company that is centered around supporting those ideas and filling them with the resources to succeed is really exciting for me. I’d also say that there’s a certain sense of pride everywhere. Whether that’s for the city, a neighborhood, or the local high school. It’s very contagious.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Pittsburgh?

Matt: I’ve got to give it up to the Port Authority. I really love that I can hop on a bus and get downtown in less than 10 minutes. I’m also a big fan of the Carnegie Library system. I’m always in and out of the one here in East Liberty, where they let you renew a book 10 times. Not sure I’ll ever finish Devil in the White City, but thanks for giving me a shot (or 10)!

Claudia: I love working here. I seriously love my team and our organization. It can be challenging at times, but everyone comes here to work hard and I believe in our mission. More than work, I also love snow! Snow gear, snow angels, shoveling snow. I know the novelty might eventually wear off, but I’m loving it for now.