Ventured Podcast – Ep 1: UPMC Enterprises: Shaping the Future of Health Care

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Ventured is a podcast that delves into the exciting and fast-paced world of venture capital, health care innovation, entrepreneurship, and more. Through insightful interviews with industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists, the show offers a unique perspective on the latest trends, strategies, and innovations that are driving health care forward. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, an experienced investor, or simply interested in the latest developments in health care and technology, Ventured provides an engaging and informative exploration of the people, ideas, and innovations that are shaping our future. 

In this episode, your host, Eliza Swann, Chief Operating Officer, takes you on a journey to explore the pioneering work of UPMC Enterprises in shaping the future of health care. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of Enterprises’ mission, vision, and the transformative work taking place within the innovation and venture capital arm of UPMC, a $26B health care provider and insurer based in Pittsburgh.  

Joining Eliza are two distinguished guests from UPMC Enterprises: Brent Burns, Executive Vice President of Digital Solutions, and Matthias Kleinz, Executive Vice President of Translational Sciences. Together, they provide an insider’s perspective, shedding light on the pivotal role their teams play in driving innovation across the health care industry. 

Brent offers insights into the digital solutions and technologies that Enterprises leverages to revolutionize health care delivery, enhance patient experiences, and empower care providers. Meanwhile, Matthias details the cutting-edge advancements in life sciences that Enterprises is spearheading. He shares how they bridge the gap between scientific research and real-world applications, accelerating the development of life-changing treatments and therapies. 

This episode serves as an informative introduction to UPMC Enterprises, highlighting the team’s commitment to shaping the future of health care through innovation and collaboration. Join us as we discover the groundbreaking initiatives and forward-thinking strategies that make UPMC Enterprises a driving force in the industry. 

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