UPMC Enterprises’ Leadership Showcased at Precision Medicine World Conference and ViVE 

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During the first quarter of 2024, UPMC Enterprises’ leadership and portfolio delivered impactful presentations highlighting organizational expertise at two pivotal industry conferences: the Precision Medicine World Conference and ViVE. 

In January, the Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC) convened experts from the global health care and biotechnology sectors in Silicon Valley, CA. Esteemed researchers, medical professionals, and innovators united to collaborate and propel the field of personalized medicine forward.  

UPMC Enterprises portfolio company, Novasenta, was featured during the ‘Emerging Therapeutics Showcase’ portion of the event. In a presentation about their groundbreaking approach to cancer treatment, the company emphasized their differentiating tactics: target discovery, cutting-edge computational platforms, and robust pipeline. 

Dr. Adrian Lee, Scientific Advisor at UPMC Enterprises and Director of the Institute for Precision Medicine at UPMC and University of Pittsburgh, led a captivating panel discussion exploring the past, present, and future of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Joined by experts from Gilead Sciences, AstraZeneca, UCSF Health, their unique perspectives shed light on the promising landscape of cancer treatments. 

The 2024 ViVE conference and exhibition, held in February, brought together a dynamic assembly of health care executives, innovators, and investors to discuss popular topics like artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.  

Accomplished executives from diverse backgrounds convened for an informative panel on financial diversification during the conference. At its core was Mary Beth Navarra-Sirio, Vice President of Market Development at UPMC Enterprises, alongside esteemed colleagues from Amazon Web Services, Trilliant Health, and Eclipse Insights. Together, they discussed the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare economics, offering valuable insights into funding strategies that could profoundly shape the industry’s future and foster sustainable growth. 

The following 12 UPMC Enterprises portfolio companies attended the conference as exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, and attendees: Abridge, Arrive Health, Clearsense, Elektra Health, Hashed Health, Kyruus, Moxe, Pip Care, Realyze Intelligence, Redesign Health, Smile Digital Health, and Xealth. Three portfolio companies also had significant wins during the conference:  

  • In a momentous announcement, ViVE revealed that Realyze Intelligence was selected to participate in the inaugural CancerX Moonshot Accelerator program. This prestigious opportunity promises to accelerate groundbreaking innovations in cancer research and treatment. 
  • Shiv Rao, MD, Abridge CEO and Co-Founder, and Tina Shah, MD, MPH, Abridge Chief Clinical Officer, led discussions on generative AI and its impact on health care and addressed the critical issue of physician burnout. 
  • Neil Patel, Head of New Ventures at Redesign Health, was featured on a panel titled, “The Platform: Who Will Get the Final Rose.” The discussion centered around finding the right health care platform, with insights from peers at Summit Health Advisors, Boston Children’s Hospital, symplr, and Tampa General Hospital. 

We look forward to continued impact and growth in 2024. 

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