Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment: Realyze Intelligence Joins CancerX Accelerator 

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Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment: Realyze Intelligence Joins CancerX Accelerator 

In a significant stride towards transforming cancer treatment, UPMC Enterprises portfolio company Realyze Intelligence has been named to the inaugural class of the CancerX Startup Accelerator. This groundbreaking initiative is part of the Biden administration’s Cancer Moonshot program which aims to halve the U.S. cancer death rate within the next 25 years. 

Realyze, a startup that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to efficiently match cancer patients to clinical trials, will now have access to a network of leading cancer organizations. This collaboration will further strengthen its innovative technology and potentially revolutionize the way we approach cancer treatment. 

The selection process for the CancerX Accelerator was rigorous, with each startup assessed for its fit with the goals of CancerX and the viability of its proposed solution. Realyze stood out among the competition, demonstrating the power of AI in accelerating clinical trials and improving patient care. 

With two million people diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. every year and $2 billion spent on clinical trials, the need for efficient and effective treatment is more crucial than ever. Realyze’s technology could be a game-changer, increasing trial enrollment ten-fold by auto-matching patients to trials before their appointments. 

This is a monumental step forward in the fight against cancer, and we’re eager to see how Realyze’s participation in the CancerX Accelerator will shape the future of oncology. 

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