Realyze Intelligence partners with Q-Centrix to provide more meaningful patient data

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Realyze Intelligence, a UPMC Enterprises portfolio company, recently partnered with Q-Centrix, a company that focuses on clinical data management solutions. This partnership will result in a more widespread dissemination of high-quality and accurate clinical data across hospital systems.

With a special focus on cardiovascular diseases and cancer, Realyze Intelligence enables hospitals and health care organizations to better understand patients. Using the most advanced forms of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Realyze tells intricate patient stories that pull from health data and charts, thus creating a custom narrative that will ultimately lead to better care. Through the partnership between Q-Centrix and Realyze, more hospitals and health systems will have access to this level of analysis than ever before.

“Our goal is to not only provide a solution that improves both the capability and efficiency of extraction for hospitals and health systems but also to improve patient understanding leading to better care,” said Aaron Brauser, president and chief executive officer of Realyze. “Overall, this partnership combines the expertise and technology of both companies to streamline how clinical data translates to patient outcomes.”

The data initially collected through Q-Centrix will be funneled and translated through Realyze’s system to create more robust, contextual patient profiles. This partnership will allow Q-Centrix customers to not only gather more data, but to give that data meaning that could potentially improve the patient experience through faster diagnoses and more targeted care.

“Because of our scale — now working with more than 1,200 facilities — and the breadth of our data, we are excited to partner with Realyze and lead the industry in this exciting transformation,” said Brian Foy, chief product officer at Q-Centrix. “As the value of clinical data exponentially grows, we will continue to meaningfully enhance our proprietary and refined, proprietary process to curate high-quality clinical data using innovative technology (automation and software) and our clinical experts.”

As the largest provider of clinical data management solutions in the U.S., the services provided through Q-Centrix will only be further enhanced by Realyze. This partnership is symbiotic, with both companies benefitting all while reaching a common goal: to improve health care.

Read the full press release and visit the Realyze Intelligence website to learn more.

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