Ventured - Episode 9

Navigating Infectious Disease with Dr. Rima Abdel Massih 

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Ventured is a podcast that explores the exciting and fast-paced world of venture capital, health care innovation, entrepreneurship, and more. Through interviews with industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists, the show offers a unique perspective on the latest trends, strategies, and innovations that drive health care forward. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, an experienced investor, or simply interested in the latest developments in health care and technology, Ventured provides an engaging and informative exploration of the people, ideas, and innovations that are shaping our future. 

In the latest episode of Ventured, our host, Mary Beth Navarra-Sirio, sits down with Dr. Rima Abdel Massih, the President and CEO of Infectious Disease Connect (ID Connect). Dr. Abdel Massih shares her journey, transitioning from a dedicated UPMC clinician to leading ID Connect — and how she does both. We take a closer look at the company’s mission, which centers around providing innovative solutions for infectious disease management. Dr. Abdel Massih highlights the unique features that set them apart, including their patient-centric approach and emphasis on collaboration. 

Mary Beth and Dr. Abdel Massih then explore the company’s partnership with UPMC and UPMC Enterprises. This successful collaboration has facilitated groundbreaking initiatives, streamlined processes, and enhanced patient care. 

For aspiring entrepreneurs in the health care field, Dr. Abdel Massih offers valuable advice based on her experience both in the clinic and in the boardroom. 

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