Innovation in health care: Can it be done?

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Tal Heppenstall, President, UPMC Enterprises, and Aimee Quirk, CEO, innovationOchsner, take the stage at HIMSS 2020 to discuss how health systems can achieve innovation at scale.

At this year’s HIMSS 2020 conference, we have a unique opportunity to peek behind the curtain to understand how health systems are approaching innovation. Right now, many research institutions are evaluating what it really means to innovate. But what are the top innovation priorities for health care leaders? And what can we learn from health care systems who are currently making a difference in health care? Tal Heppenstall, President, UPMC Enterprises and Aimee Quirk, CEO, innovationOchsner will be speaking in a candid conversation, answering some of those questions and highlighting successful case studies from both organization’s portfolios.

This panel session will also feature findings from a report conducted by our partners at the Center for Connected Medicine and The Health Management Academy, including how to scale innovation in health systems, how to use innovation as a means of revenue generation, and how to “innovate quickly.”

Heppenstall credits the UPMC Enterprises model as mutually beneficial for both our portfolio companies and the overall goal for innovation explaining, “What we’re focused on is solving problems in health care, not just investing money into startups. A lot of health systems have venture capital funds, but when Enterprises commits, UPMC commits – not just with money but as a customer…. We don’t invest unless we know the solution will be used at UPMC. And that’s a huge advantage as opposed to just being a holding in someone’s investment portfolio. What we give startups in health care is their first customer.”

There is a larger trend taking place in health care, especially at large systems, to create defined departments dedicated to innovation. Although there are still roadblocks and hurdles to overcome (e.g., competing budgets, priorities, changing regulations, and team re-organizations), dedicated innovation departments better identify and collaborate with key stakeholders across the organization, creating efficiencies and better identifying and addressing problems– which is exactly how UPMC Enterprises approaches innovation.

To learn more about innovation in health care and how UPMC Enterprises and innovationOchsner are tackling real world issues through science and technology, attend Trends for Scaling Healthcare Innovation Friday, March 13, at HIMSS.

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