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Health care technology companies can accelerate their success like never before.

After meeting with, investing in, and working with dozens of health care technology companies, it became clear that members of the UPMC Enterprises team had a unique and powerful skillset that could help companies reach their goals faster, with less cost, and lower risk. Recognizing that we were poised to add real value, the Technology Services team was formalized within the Digital Solutions group.

Over the last few years, our team has successfully executed hundreds of projects with many new ventures and investment partners, guiding them through technical due diligence, cloud management, sales preparations, and other pivotal moments by providing immediate access to a living lab and a network of highly skilled subject matter experts (SMEs). Members of the Technology Services team have an unparalleled depth of knowledge in health care technology and state-of-the-art engineering practices, years of experience working intimately with UPMC and the UPMC Health Plan, and extensive industry knowledge spanning project management, data engineering, solutions architecture, product design, product road mapping, security, risk management, and cloud infrastructure.

Following thoughtful consideration, rigorous research, and in-depth analysis of the needs of health care technology companies and investment partners, the Technology Services team published a newly updated Technology Services Catalog. This catalog outlines our team’s robust suite of services which have been meticulously designed to aid organizations throughout every phase of the health care technology venture life cycle. 

Every element of our services, from the initial engagement to the final deliverables, has been crafted with the needs of our clients in mind. No matter where an organization finds themselves in the venture life cycle, UPMC Enterprises can deliver tailored support to meet their needs, exceed their expectations, and allow the company to pursue strategic objectives while maintaining a lean operation.

“Best tech diligence report we have ever received. We will be definitely be using the UPMC Enterprises team in the future.”

Managing Director of a Venture Investment Firm

Technology Services support can be tailored to help you transform your ideas into realities and your realities into success stories.

Check out our updated catalog of services to see how we can help you revolutionize the future of health care!

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