Featured Pet: Mac

Twice a month, we invite our furry friends to work alongside us at Bakery Square. Be sure to check back to meet more Featured Pets of UPMC Enterprises.

Name: Mac (Macallan Daniel, for my Scottish “heritage”)

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 1 year 6 months

Role at UPMC Enterprises: Doggy Resources, K9 Acquisitions

Favorite Toy: My favorite toy is actually paper. My mom thinks I’m crazy but I love just ripping all types of paper up – newspaper, tissue paper, toilet paper…the list goes on. But if I were to pick any toy out of the store it would be a Kong with peanut butter. I’m a golden retriever so I could eat peanut butter all day long.


Favorite Activity: I love sticks. I typically try and find a good stick anytime I go on a walk and carry it around with me. Sometimes I pick one up that is a little too big and then I can’t fit through doors too well, so I really have to look for the perfect size.

Favorite part about coming to the offices: Chewing on post-it notes (see, I love paper!) and seeing my friends (Hank and Linda)

Fun Fact/Best trick: Mike Tomlin saw my picture and said I was a handsome boy. So, my mom asked if he could be my Godfather – and he said, Yes! My mom is a BIG Steeler fan so I wear my Steelers scarf and jump around to Renegade on Steeler game days.

Interested in working with Mac? Contact his mom, Jo, a recruiter at UPMC Enterprises. She works on the Talent Acquisition team finding pioneers in their field to join our team. Apply to current job openings on our careers page.

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