Featured Pet: Cooper

Twice a month, we invite our furry friends to work alongside us at Bakery Square. Be sure to check back to meet more Featured Pets of UPMC Enterprises.

Name: Cooper

Breed: Boston Terrier

Age: 3 (on June 6! I’ll be accepting gifts the entire month.)

Role: Executive Attention Seeker

Favorite Toy: Overall, I have to say that my FAVORITE toy is a tennis ball. I love to play fetch with tennis balls and chew on them, too. I have about five different tennis balls at any given time. My guilty pleasure is anything that I can rip into a million little pieces and leave scattered EVERYWHERE for my family to clean up. I love to shred stuffed animals, paper towels, slippers, and anything in a waste basket (that I’m not supposed to have.)

Favorite Activity: I love to RUN! When my family says “outside”, I get so excited that I spin in circles. If it’s too cold to play outside, then I play fetch with my family in the upstairs hallway. It’s not the same as my backyard, but it’s better than nothing! My family likes for me to exercise because it allows me to get out some of my energy. I have A LOT of energy. When I’m not being hyper, I love to cuddle. I’m a firm believer in no such thing as personal space. I also really love going to my Nana’s. She cooks for me and scratches my back for hours. It’s the best. Everyone says I’m really spoiled.


Favorite part about coming to the office: I usually work remotely, I’ve actually only ever been to the office once. It’s kind of hard for me to stay calm in new situations and I love attention, so I tend to get distracted easily. However, I plan on making an appearance soon!

Fun Fact/Best Trick: I’ve been told that my snoring is really impressive. I’m also really good at swallowing things without chewing them. My family isn’t a big fan of when I do that though. Oops!



Cooper comes to Doggie Days with Morgan, who works on the marketing team as a Communication Specialist II. Morgan assists the marketing team on everything from portfolio company needs to social media and content management. And she oversees all internal communication for UPMC Enterprises.

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