A (Dog’s) Day in the Life: Work from Home Edition

Follow along for a glimpse into my typical day in the life while my mom works from home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Hi, everyone!

My name is Denali. I’m one of the regular Doggie Day “coworkers” at UPMC Enterprises. However, it has been a couple months since my mom started working from home full-time. She says it is for the health and safety of everyone and we will be back to work soon, but I have a secret hunch she just wanted to work alongside me every day and the twice-a-month Doggie Days in the office just weren’t enough.

A typical day of working from home begins with a walk for me and coffee for my mom.

My mom thinks since her “commute” is cut short she can sleep in; however, I’ve always been an early riser. So, I typically get her up around 6:30 to start the day (just because we have to work from home doesn’t mean we don’t have things to accomplish)!

Once we are up and ready to tackle the day, we take our morning walk before my mom’s first meeting. We sometimes stop at my favorite coffee shop for some (human) treats. Mom says, “a good day starts with coffee, muffins, and oxygen”.

Once we are back home, it is time to start our morning meetings. Just like my mom, who talks about marketing strategies, naming companies, and content development, I have serious to-dos to tackle as well. As a “barketing associate” – I make an appearance during her morning status calls with the coworkers, bark when I agree with ideas, and most importantly, help brainstorm ideas for the UPMC Enterprises blog.

Around lunchtime, I get another walk! The weather has been great and my mom thought it would be fun to go back to our old “stomping grounds” so we walked by the offices!

Hi Bakery Square!

Sometimes our walks include a visit to our old stomping grounds, Bakery Square.

Once we are back home, it is time for my afternoon nap. My mom hops back on her computer for the afternoon. I hear her talking about social media strategies, budget approvals, and communications plans as I drift into a dream about frisbees.

When I wake up, my mom is wrapping up the day with her final phone call, which means it is close to dinner time — my favorite. Once my human logs off for the day, I bring my tennis ball to her and let her know it is time for one last activity before we call it a day.

Thanks for following along to my (dog) day in the life! Although I didn’t get to say hi to my friends Cooper and Lena today, I am hoping I’ll see them back at the office soon.

Are you interested in joining our team of hard-working dogs (and humans)? I love new friends, so you should definitely check out our latest job openings!