Curavi Health merges with CarePointe and USHS to form Arkos Health

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UPMC Enterprises portfolio company, Curavi Health, has partnered with the population health management entities CarePointe and U.S. Health Systems (USHS) to form Arkos Health. This company will provide virtual care solutions and health insights to vulnerable seniors across the United States.

Established in 2016, Curavi Health’s mission is to deliver clinical care from skilled providers to senior care community residents through telemedicine technology. The company has grown considerably since its inception, aided by the acquisition of TripleCare in 2018.  Now, we are proud to announce that Curavi is taking another large stride in pursuit of its mission by merging with CarePointe.

The other entities include, USHS, which provides technical, clinical, and administrative oversight for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, and CarePointe, which offers technology-enabled service integration to risk-bearing entities. The new combined company, Arkos Health, will leverage strategic use of Curavi’s telemedicine solutions to treat patients in place, thus improving the care delivery system and clinical outcomes and reducing costs for risk-bearers.

“By pairing Curavi’s telemedicine technology with CarePointe’s sophisticated analytics, Arkos Health will be able to facilitate high-quality remote care for patients who need it,” said Alissa Meade, Curavi president, and chief executive officer. “At a time when our shared mission to care for the frail and elderly population is more important than ever, the combination of these technologies will ultimately allow providers to make more informed decisions for patients throughout their care journey.”

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