UPMC Enterprises and several portfolio companies participated in the 2nd annual ViVE event held in Nashville, TN, at the end of March. 

Members of our Digital Solutions team were on site to engage with top health industry leaders from across the nation. Additionally, a host of our portfolio companies joined the thousands of attendees at this year’s conference including Abridge, Clearsense, Hashed Health, Kyruus, Realyze Intelligence, Redesign Health, and Xealth, in various speaking roles and exhibit spaces.  

John Bass, Founder & CEO of Hashed Health, moderated a panel titled “Anything can Happen to Your Valuation” which discussed current trends, the common denominators that determine success and perceive “value” of startups, which organizations are positioned for a frothy future, and those poised for an exit. 

Brenda Schmidt, Head of Enterprise Growth at Redesign Health, moderated a panel session titled “The Kids are Not Alright” to discuss how children and their families are facing unique challenges including malnutrition, infectious diseases, physical inactivity, environmental pollutants, and substance abuse, while struggling to access quality and affordable health services. Pediatric leaders on the panel discussed how providers across the country are working to combat these issues.  

Mike McSherry, CEO and Co-founder of Xealth, joined a panel of industry leaders to discuss interoperability in a session titled “You Will Never Break the Data Chain.” The group made a business case for collaboratively exchanging data and discussed what new business opportunities their missions will unlock. 

UPMC and UPMC Enterprises were also well-represented on the speaking track this year.  

Chris Carmody, UPMC’s Chief Technology Officer, took to the stage with other health care leaders to discuss “Building the Digital Transformation Plane while Flying.” They covered successes, lessons learned, and the opportunity to embrace digital health care as a visible leader of a health system. 

On the final day of ViVE, Joon Lee, MD, Executive Vice President of UPMC and President of UPMC Physician Services, and Shiv Rao, MD, CEO and Co-Founder of Abridge, met on stage for an AI Showcase session titled “Going the Distance – Presentations from UPMC & Abridge AI.” During this discussion, Dr. Lee and Dr. Rao explored how cutting-edge generative AI solutions can address the toughest challenges in health care – such as reducing burnout and improving provider satisfaction – ultimately enhancing patient care delivery. 

It was an inspiring conference, and we are grateful for the opportunity to meet so many new people who share the same mission of making health care better for everyone. Check out some ViVE photos below.  

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