Ventured episode 8

Ventured – Agile in Action

MyUPMC Ventured

Ventured is a podcast that delves into the exciting and fast-paced world of venture capital, health care innovation, entrepreneurship, and more. Through insightful interviews with industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists, the show offers a unique perspective on the latest trends, strategies, and innovations that are driving health care forward. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, an experienced investor, or simply interested in the latest developments in health care and technology, Ventured provides an engaging and informative exploration of the people, ideas, and innovations that are shaping our future. 

 Join host Rob Moss as he welcomes guests Rick Pollick, Agilist Manager, and Mark Wuslich, Scrum Master, both from the MyUPMC team at UPMC Enterprises. In this episode, we dive into the role of the MyUPMC Agility team and their impact on the digital front door to the largest integrated health system in Pennsylvania.  

 We discuss notable projects undertaken by the MyUPMC Agility team, exploring how Agile methodologies were implemented and the challenges encountered along the way. 

We also explore UPMC’s journey towards systemwide agility, including the broader implementation of Agile beyond MyUPMC and how UPMC Enterprises adopted Agile methodologies in various departments.  
The episode concludes with a discussion on how the team cultivated a culture of continuous improvement, sharing examples of collaborative efforts that contributed to organizational agility.  

Tune in to learn more about the power of Agile methodologies in health care innovation. 


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