Featured Pets: Scout & Rocky

Twice a month, we invite our furry friends to work alongside us at Bakery Square. Be sure to check back to meet more Featured Pets of UPMC Enterprises.

Name: Scout & Rocky

Breed: We are mutts and proud of it.

Age: Scout is 2.5 and Rocky is 7-ish

Role at UPMC Enterprises: Motivational Speakers – if anyone needs a quick pep-talk, we are there!


Favorite Toy: Squeaky Squirrel.  Sometimes we play tug of war with each other for it.

Favorite Activities: I, Scout, like to run around like a nut.  My brother sometimes runs with me but sometimes he insists on napping, which I think is boring. We have to behave when mom brings us to work at Bakery Square. We don’t get to run around as much, but everyone is so friendly!

Favorite part about coming to the offices: Clearly all of these people sitting in chairs are waiting for lap snuggles and kisses.

Fun Fact: We were both adopted from rescue organizations on Ohio.  We are pretty convinced that all dogs come from Ohio.

Best trick: Rocky enjoys canoeing.  Scout is capable of jumping a four-foot fence, so the fence around our yard is five feet tall.  We’re waiting to figure out if she can jump a five-foot fence.




Scout and Rocky come to Doggie Days with Amanda, a Senior Product Analyst. Her job is to flush out higher-level product road-maps into the level of detail and prioritization needed by the development teams.  I love working at Enterprises because we employ smart, fun people who build the most innovative technology.

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