RxAnte launches technology-enabled comprehensive pharmacy service for medically complex and vulnerable Medicare members

UPMC Enterprises

The patient-centric program includes live patient consultation, comprehensive medication review, and ongoing care and delivery.

RxAnte, a UPMC Enterprises portfolio company, recently developed and launched a transformative direct-to-member service that provides a higher level of pharmacy support.

The new initiative, Mosaic Pharmacy Service, is designed to improve medication use, health outcomes, and pharmacy experience in certain Medicare populations.

Mosaic expands upon RxAnte’s collaborative work with health plans and care providers by identifying and intervening patients at risk of medication therapy problems. The pharmacy service offers health plans a new way to improve medication use and reduce avoidable health care utilization for patients who are managing complex medication regimens, seeing multiple prescribers, and often represent a disproportionately higher cost of care.

It is estimated that 11.9% of the U.S. population takes five or more prescription drugs, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For elderly patients, the percentages are even higher. Studies have estimated that 39% of adults 65 or older were taking five or more prescription drugs.

Mosaic addresses common adherence problems, which cost the U.S. healthcare system billions of dollars a year, through a range of services designed to improve medication adherence for Medicare populations.

Beginning with an in-person assessment of the patient’s medication therapies, Mosaic then provides a comprehensive medication review performed by a pharmacist and aimed at reducing the risks of adverse drug interactions and unnecessary medications.

Mosaic will also engage the member monthly to discuss their current medication regimen, potential adherence barriers, and confirm delivery of the medication in easy-to-use packaging on an ongoing basis.

Mosaic’s services include:

  • In-Person Consultation: A Mosaic certified pharmacy specialist meets with patients to discuss medications and how they’re working.
  • Pharmacist review of medications for safety and cost: A pharmacist reviews everything patients are taking to ensure it’s the safest, most affordable option.
  • Monthly refills in easy-to-use packaging: Patients receive medications each month in easy-to-use packaging that’s sorted based on dose times.
  • Ongoing support from a pharmacy service team: Mosaic checks in with patients each month to see how they’re feeling and to confirm refills.
  • Always-available pharmacist support: Support by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Medicare members who are managing multiple chronic conditions and complicated medication regimens require a next-generation intervention that goes beyond what is traditionally available today,” said Kerri Petrin, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at RxAnte.

“Mosaic’s objective is to work with members, their physicians, and their health plan to optimize their medication regimen for effectiveness and cost, and then provide ongoing pharmacy care to maintain medication adherence and avoid related downstream health challenges,” Petrin said.

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