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Poised to revolutionize the care delivery experience through AI, Abridge secures $12.5M in funding

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Abridge, a UPMC Enterprises portfolio company focused on using AI to empower patients to record and understand their health, announced a $12.5 million Series A-1 funding to launch an enterprise solution to combat physician burnout in health care.

Founded in 2018 by UPMC cardiologist and former UPMC Enterprises executive Dr. Shivdev Rao, Abridge uses machine learning technology to bring understanding and follow-through to people’s health by deciphering information-dense medical conversations. The company’s audio and ambient AI-centered solutions help clinicians practice at the top of their license and patients stay on top of their health.

The Series A-1 is led by Wittington Ventures and the round also had participation from all existing investors including Union Square Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, Pillar Venture Capital, and UPMC Enterprises – as well as new investors including Turing Award winner Yoshua Bengio, and Whistler Capital. Prior to this, Abridge also raised $15 million across Seed and Series A rounds, bringing the company’s total to roughly $27 million to date.

Provider burnout continues to be a serious issue for health care systems, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic. Abridge’s enterprise-focused documentation solutions seamlessly structure and summarize information from any medical conversation, making it easier for systems to reduce provider burnout while also increasing patient satisfaction. Abridge works with natural conversations and existing health technology infrastructure to help reduce burnout, improve efficiencies, and enhance care delivery. Dr. Robert Bart, Chief Medical Information Officer at UPMC, explains “Abridge is the only omnichannel service that scales to all specialties and modalities of care. It’s also the only solution that provides real-time structured data and patient care plans integrated into the electronic health record.”

Read the press release here to learn more about the funding round and how Abridge plans to expand its research and development to further improve and automate documentation workflows.

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