PHDA at Pittsburgh Life Sciences Week 2018

Don’t miss the Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance panel at Pittsburgh Life Sciences Week

The Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance (PHDA) endeavors to change the practice of medicine by turning data into improved human health. But how does it actually do that? Key stakeholders of the PHDA from Carnegie Mellon University, The University of Pittsburgh, and UPMC will discuss the nuts and bolts of health care academic entrepreneurship and commercialization in an upcoming panel discussion.

The PHDA is an alliance between three preeminent Pittsburgh leaders that have banded together to collaborate toward the mission of improving health: Carnegie Mellon University, The University of Pittsburgh, and UPMC.

This year, the PHDA will host a panel at Pittsburgh Life Sciences Week, a leading life sciences event in the region. The PHDA panel ‘From the bench to the playing field: The journey from idea to commercializationwill bring together leaders, investigators, and scientists from the three PHDA institutions to discuss life sciences startups — from the biggest challenges in securing funding to the steps necessary to successfully spin out and commercialize.

The PHDA panel is April 19 at 10 AM on The University of Pittsburgh campus. For more details and to register click here.

The PHDA panel will be moderated by Rob Hartman, PhD, Senior Manager, Enterprises Business Development, UPMC Enterprises. Dr. Hartman will be joined by the following panelists:

  • Don Taylor, PhD, Co-Director, Center for Commercial Applications of Healthcare Data, University of Pittsburgh
  • Joe Marks, PhD, Executive Director, Center for Machine Learning and Health, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Jeffrey Depp, Technology Commercialization Associate, Innovation Institute, University of Pittsburgh
  • Carl Kingsford, PhD, Center for Machine Learning and Health, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Rebecca Jacobson, MD, Vice President, UPMC Enterprises

Life sciences – the sciences concerned with the study of living organisms – is a tremendous driver in the region that draws on Pittsburgh’s existing strengths. Life Sciences Pittsburgh cites that Pittsburgh has over 1,000 local Principal Investigators that receive over $714 million in funding from the National Institutes of Health; almost 60 active venture and angel-funded firms with nearly $1 billion invested; and a growing portfolio of lab and office space.

“The PHDA panel at Pittsburgh Life Sciences Week will delve into the process of how to take an idea within a university setting and grow it to commercialization,” said Hartman. “The session will be informative for those with research and startup goals, and interesting to anyone who wishes to know more about a one-of-a-kind alliance with a wide-reaching commitment to advance technology and create new data-centered health care innovations.”

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