Featured Pet: Margo

Twice a month, we invite our furry friends to work alongside us at Bakery Square. Be sure to check back to meet more Featured Pets of UPMC Enterprises.

Name: Margo

Breed: Labradoodle

Age: 4

Role at UPMC Enterprises: Director of Barketing



Favorite Toy: My favorite toy is a green squishy ball! My coworker, Anna, gave it to me and I never looked back. I also have a pink squeaky dog that I have carried around since I was a little puppy!

Favorite Activity: I just love to be outside. My dad says I’m a “dog of all seasons.” I love to go to the beach in the summer, jump in large piles of leaves in the fall, and in the winter I get to make snow angels! So it is safe to say – I’m the happiest when I’m outside. I also like cats – at least those who will play with me. 🙂


Favorite part about coming to the offices: I just love to meet everyone! I try and distract as many people as possible by smiling and wagging my tail. I get to sit in meetings and make new friends. I also LOVE to bark when a visitor rings the office doorbell!

Fun Fact/Best trick: While I may not look the most athletic, I have an amazing standing vertical jump of well over 3 feet!!

Margo comes to Doggie Days with Andrew, one of Enterprises’ Project Managers. He recently joined our team and works on several different projects in our offices. As a project manager you have the opportunity to work on all aspects of new innovations from financial analysis to conducting research experiments for new products.

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