Driving Change in Women’s Health: UPMC Enterprises at the Women’s Health Investor Summit

Translational Sciences UPMC Enterprises

UPMC Enterprises recently participated in the Women’s Health Investor Summit, where we shared our insights and perspectives on investing in women’s health.  

Members of the Translational Sciences team Anna Mamo and Rosheema Bala had the privilege of attending the event, hosted by Supernode Ventures and the New York Stock Exchange, which brought together investors from around the world to engage in meaningful discussions about the pressing issues surrounding women’s health investing. 

During the summit, Anna spoke on a panel that focused on the historical and current barriers to investing in women’s health where she was able to share valuable insights and shed light on the obstacles hindering progress in this field. 

One of the key takeaways from the discussion was the need for asset consolidation in the challenging fundraising environment. Consolidation can enable companies to pool their resources and expertise, fostering collaboration and maximizing the impact of their innovations. The panel discussion emphasized the significance of close collaboration and syndication by investors throughout a company’s life cycle. This approach ensures that promising diagnostics, devices, and therapeutics receive the necessary funding to navigate regulatory hurdles and successfully reach the market. 

By nurturing this supportive ecosystem, investors can help bridge the gap between innovation and accessibility, making significant strides in addressing unmet needs. The panel’s consensus was that through robust collaboration and syndication, solutions could emerge in areas where women face substantial challenges, improving health care outcomes for women worldwide. 

UPMC Enterprises’ participation in the Women’s Health Investor Summit underscores our commitment to driving change in women’s health care. By actively engaging in discussions with industry leaders and investors and leveraging clinical expertise from UPMC’s world-renowned leaders in women’s health, UPMC Enterprises aims to foster a thriving ecosystem that supports groundbreaking innovations in the sector. 

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