Dive into virtual stewardship with a webinar from Infectious Disease Connect

Infectious Disease Connect’s latest webinar explores a virtual approach to antimicrobial stewardship – why it’s a cost-effective and efficient tool for hospitals and how leveraging decision support software can enhance stewardship success.

Download latest webinar from Infectious Disease Connect, a UPMC Enterprises portfolio company offering telemedicine-enabled solutions to hospitals for treatment of infectious diseases. ‘Virtual Stewardship: Effective Antimicrobial Management’ is focused on virtual antimicrobial stewardship (ASP), a technology-enabled process that hospitals can leverage to increase staff capacity and meet regulatory requirements.

The webinar features clinical infectious disease experts with pharmacy and patient care backgrounds, as well as ID Connect CEO Dave Zynn, who brings his 30 years of healthcare leadership experience to help examine real data and outcomes of virtual ASP implementation.

Christina Andrzejewski, PharmD, BCPS, BCIDP, will moderate the webinar with the following featured speakers:

  • Ryan Bariola, MD, Director of UPMC Outreach Antimicrobial Stewardship Program
  • Tina Khadem, PharmD, Infectious Disease Connect
  • Dave Zynn, President and CEO, Infectious Disease Connect

During the webinar, attendees will learn more about how:

  • virtual stewardship is proving instrumental in helping hospitals meet regulatory requirements
  • virtual ASP’s can cost-effectively supplement and support staff
  • innovative and easy-to-use clinical decision support software can greatly enhance ASP efforts
  • a current ID Connect client has decreased average length of stay, increased use of oral antibiotics and witnessed a reduction in broad spectrum use antibiotics by utilizing the Ilum Insight clinical decision support platform

Download the webinar for free on the ID Connect website.