Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services publish a rural health strategy report

Earlier this month, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released a Rural Health Strategy report.

This report outlines the specific tactics to improve the quality of care available to individuals in rural settings. One of these tactics is to “advance telehealth and telemedicine” by reducing the barriers to implement this technology such as reimbursement and cross-state licensure.

One of our portfolio companies, Curavi Health, specializes in telehealth solutions for the nursing home and discussed with us the implications of this new report. Alissa Meade, president & CEO, commented,

As we push for modern policies, we are happy to see CMS’ focus on delivering consistent quality care to rural Americans as highlighted in the recently-released CMS Rural Health Strategy. As a telemedicine solution aimed at providing quality care to underserved areas, we are excited that telemedicine was one of the core pillars of CMS’ strategy.  Some of the biggest barriers to implementing telemedicine are reimbursement and provider licensure. With better reimbursement and modernized policies on cross-state licensure, we see the future of telemedicine growing exponentially.

For more information about the Rural Health Strategy visit or read Healthcare Finance’s newest report Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services unveils strategy to boost rural telehealth.