AI solution from Realyze Intelligence aids cancer researchers at UPMC and University of Pittsburgh 

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A novel artificial intelligence pipeline developed by Realyze Intelligence, a UPMC Enterprises portfolio company, was highlighted by breast cancer researchers at UPMC and University of Pittsburgh for the technology’s ability to accurately analyze unstructured physician notes in electronic health records.  

The researchers, who this week published a study in JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics, said Realyze’s natural language understanding (NLU) pipeline filtered hundreds of thousands of clinical notes, including those made by patients’ oncologists and other health providers, to accurately identify specific cancer patients that were the subject of the study.  

“There’s a lot of valuable data in the electronic health care record that is hidden within unstructured physician notes,” said lead author Neil Carleton, graduate student in Pitt’s Medical Scientist Training Program. “The power of Realyze is that it goes into these notes and pulls out information by looking at the language itself and, importantly, the context of that language.” 

Realyze Intelligence, a software company revolutionizing clinical trials and abstraction of real-world data, was formed by UPMC Enterprises in 2020 to combine clinical expertise with AI technology to provide deeper insights into individuals and patient populations and ultimately drive better outcomes for health care.  

The company works with leading cancer centers to accelerate clinical trials and deliver real-world data.  

Learn more about the JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics study.  

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