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Learn what the healthcare AI company has accomplished since externally launching in June 2021

It has been a little over a year since Realyze Intelligence first launched as a UPMC Enterprises portfolio company in June 2021. Realyze uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to identify patient populations with chronic diseases to ensure they receive the best possible treatments. 

Since launching, Aaron Brauser, CEO, and Gilan El Saadawi, Co-Founder and CMO, have been working hard to make connections and establish Realyze as a key player in the healthcare AI space.  

“The past year really has been about staying externally focused on solving problems that can help any health care system with challenges related to chronic diseases” Brauser said. “The goal is to learn how that the technology can solve real clinical problems at scale.” 

Key learnings over the past year have enabled Brauser and El Saadawi a chance to sharpen their company’s niche. 

“In the past year, we have focused our energy and our purpose to target chronic conditions, mainly oncology, and solutions for known problems in the market,” El Saadawi said. “We started with a broad spectrum, all chronic conditions of the patient story. Oncology is very complex because of its length and treatment modalities, which is why we decided to focus on the oncology patient as a perfect example of ‘chronic conditions.’” 

To date, Realyze has processed tens of thousands of oncology patients, including their full medical charts. That is over 10 million documents that have run through the Realyze system. 

“By building a solution focused on cancer, we’ve been able to address many workflows and deficiencies, from clinical trial matching to tumor board reviews, to research and analytics,” Brauser said. “The same solution is able to address multiple problem areas.” 

In early 2022, Realyze partnered with Q-Centrix, a company that focuses on clinical data management solutions. This partnership gave Realyze the opportunity to access a more widespread patient population across hospital systems – not just at UPMC. 

“It’s great that we are establishing proof points to be able to scale to other customers and solve the same problems at their organizations,” Brauser said. 

More recently, Realyze has grown in a different way by hiring Chuck Smolky, the company’s new Chief Growth Officer. Smolky has spent 25 years in health care technology as an executive leader focused on growth, business development, and go-to-market commercialization activities.  

For Brauser, adding Smolky to the team was a strategic move in terms of achieving the company’s goals. 

“We are thrilled to have someone of Chuck’s expertise and experience join our team,” Brauser said. “Adding Chuck’s leadership will expand our ability to engage and deliver cutting edge solutions across the health care ecosystem.” 

Smolky already has plenty of ideas for how Realyze can continue to make an impact. 

“I am very excited to be part of the Realyze Intelligence team and am energized about the clinical intelligence platform we have built to provide a complete picture of each patient through the processing all data, both structured and unstructured, to enable advances in clinical trial cohort identification,” Smolky said. 

As Brauser, El Sadaawi, and now Smolky begin to plan for what the company’s future holds, they are optimistic about additional opportunities for Realyze. 

“We’ve really grown as an organization over the past year,” Brauser said. “As we look to the next year, it’s really about expanding on that and scaling up the capabilities.” 

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