Focus is what makes us unique

In the broad health care landscape, we’ve chosen to invest in a select number of areas where the challenges are great and the opportunities are massive.

Translational Science

The gaps between bench science and bedside practice are narrowed, accelerating the application of new discoveries to deliver new models of care.

Improving Outcomes

A connected and coordinated health system empowers clinicians to provide high-quality care in any setting.

Infrastructure and Efficiencies

Health care is delivered with fewer resources in a fiscally sound manner.


Technology allows consumers to obtain medical services and information anytime, anywhere, and be engaged in and informed about all steps in their health care journey.

Within these sectors, we participate in opportunities across all stages of development

  • With individuals and teams who have a business plan but no formal infrastructure in place
  • With early-stage companies who may have angel-round financing in place and are looking for a significant equity investor
  • With venture funds who are seeking additional participation in an existing company or partnership
  • With established companies seeking growth capital, joint ventures, or co-development partnerships