About Us

About Us

In any profession, the best always have choices. Among entrepreneurs, the best are women and men with high integrity and brave ideas, along with grit, guts, and determination.

At UPMC Enterprises, we help create health care innovations that will impact the lives of patients in meaningful, lasting ways. To deliver on this promise, we’ve chosen a few focus areas where our insights about health care’s future give us a unique advantage.

We’ve built an impressive team with expertise in health care investing that’s second to none. When we choose to work with an entrepreneur, we work side by side with them and provide full access to UPMC’s vast resources.

As an organization dedicated to Life Changing Medicine, UPMC has defined a bold mission: to shape the future of health care through innovation. At UPMC Enterprises, we help bring this mission to life by turning innovative ideas into growing, thriving businesses. That’s why we want the best to choose UPMC Enterprises. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our Focus Areas

We are committed to generating and enabling exceptional health care innovations. To remain focused, we invest our expertise, time, and capital in a select number of areas where we believe technology can have a real impact.

Translational Science – Accelerate the application of discoveries to deliver new models of care, narrowing the gap between bench science and bedside practice.
Improving Outcomes – Connect and coordinate the health system to empower clinicians to provide high-quality care in any setting.

Consumer – Develop solutions that allow consumers to access medical services and information anytime, anywhere, and to engage in all steps in their health care journey.
Infrastructure and Efficiencies – Deliver health care with fewer resources in a fiscally sound manner.

Within these sectors, we participate in opportunities across all stages of development

  • With individuals and teams who have a business plan but no formal infrastructure in place
  • With early-stage companies who may have angel-round financing in place and are looking for a significant equity investor
  • With venture funds who are seeking additional participation in an existing company or partnership
  • With established companies seeking growth capital, joint ventures, or co-development partnerships


New businesses need all the help they can get. We provide health care entrepreneurs with capital, connections, and a world of resources.

Clinical intelligence – As a leading academic center, we have a wealth of information and insight about the future.

Health economics – Through our unique knowledge of the health care industry, we can help you locate new growth opportunities.

Analytics – We have access to a vast library of decision-support tools and platforms that can support your efforts.

Design – Our designers can help you create compelling, seamless experiences across physical and digital media.

Engineering – Our engineering talent has leading-edge skills and deep domain knowledge in health care IT.

Operations – We can provide systems and processes to help you run your business more smoothly.

Marketing – Whether you’re ready to generate demand or trying to improve your go-to-market strategies and tactics, we can help.

Recruiting – Finding the right people when you’re a young company is hard. We can make it easy for you.

Partnerships – Through our network, we can find the right corporate or academic partner and help you structure a mutually beneficial relationship.