UPMC Enterprises Attends HLTH 2022

UPMC Enterprises

UPMC Enterprises and its portfolio of companies were well represented at the 5th annual HLTH conference held in Las Vegas this November.

Several members of our Digital Solutions team were on site to participate in a series of meeting sessions and engage with top health industry leaders from across the nation.

 In addition, many of our portfolio companies joined the 8,500+ people at this year’s conference. Kyruus, Butterfly Network, Realyze Intelligence, Smile Digital Health, Abridge, BrainCheck, Hashed Health, Moxe Health, Vital ER, and Redesign Health shared their ongoing work with attendees across the exhibition space, while members from Xealth, Evolent, LeanTaas, RxAnte, and Sempre Health met up with industry colleagues, both old and new.

A number of our portfolio companies also participated in speaking sessions throughout the event.

John Bass, Founder & CEO of Hashed Health, presented “That’s So Meta: Web3 and Health” to discuss the process of building NFTs, launching DAOs, and exploring metaverse as a front door for health care, which may ultimately optimize nurse staffing, help patient communities, curate new data sets, and create new marketplaces.

Missy Krasner, Venture Chair of Redesign Health, participated in a panel session titled “Doom or Boom? Digital Health’s Financial Future” to discuss the short- and long-term predictions of the health care market after experiencing a market downturn during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic advanced us 20 years forward — the digital door swung way open and we’re still on target to launch 100 companies by 2025. We’re not slowing down,” said Krasner during the panel.

John Martin, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Butterfly Network, Inc., presented alongside colleagues to discuss “Advancing Global Health Equity through Handheld, Whole-Body Ultrasound.” The group talked about the benefit of knowing what is going on inside a patient sooner and how providing more equitable care to patients in need is possible with emerging pocket-sized ultrasound devices.

Shiv Rao, MD, CEO and CO-Founder of Abridge, took to the stage to announce Abridge’s new partnership with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. They also provided a live demo of their AI-driven documentation solution that turns medical conversations into structured notes, which improves the care delivery experience for providers and their patients.

“All of us at Abridge are excited to partner with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and continue to think strategically about how we are utilizing this technology to enable success across the health care delivery system,” said Dr. Rao.

While our time in Las Vegas has come to an end, UPMC Enterprises looks forward to the next HLTH event and connecting further with industry peers, colleagues, and leaders that we encountered this year!

Learn more about our portfolio attendees and connect with us here.

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