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Self-Scheduling Solutions: The technology priority for improving patient access at health systems

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A new report from the Center for Connected Medicine (CCM) highlights the top tools for boosting access and patient engagement at health systems.

Topping the list was technology that allows consumers to go online and schedule appointments with doctors.

Despite ranking self-scheduling solutions as a priority for boosting patient engagement and meeting demand for consumer-friendly tools, many health systems are struggling to deploy these tools widely because of challenges securing organizational buy-in to expand the technology’s use.

The CCM’s report, “Self-Scheduling Solutions: The technology priority for improving patient access at health systems,” finds that self-scheduling is the top digital patient engagement tool slated for investment this year, cited by 88% of respondents.

Yet most respondents said their health systems have not implemented the tool widely. More than eight-of-10 survey-takers reported that 20% or fewer of their health system’s appointments are booked online directly by patients.

A lack of buy-in from physicians and other staff was cited by 38% of respondents as the top challenge.

“Many physicians believe that by allowing patients to self-schedule appointments they are giving up control of their own calendar,” said Joon S. Lee, MD, Executive Vice President of UPMC, which is a CCM partner.

“Self-scheduling is a big part of improving patients’ access to care,” Dr. Lee said. “It is up to organizational leaders to work with physicians to find solutions that address their concerns while still meeting the demands and expectations of our patients.”

Learn more about the research and download the report from the Center for Connected Medicine.

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