Anniversary Spotlight: Jen Gigliotti Celebrates 31 Years at UPMC

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The Anniversary Spotlight highlights an employee celebrating a significant work anniversary at UPMC every month.

A lot can change in 31 years. From trends to technology, and even medical advancements, there is plenty of room for growth and expansion within that time.

Jen Gigliotti is all too familiar with these types of changes since she first started at UPMC in 1991. Her first role was as a part-time medical records clerk in the Medical Records Department at UPMC Presbyterian – a role that today has been replaced by, well, computers.

“At that time, patient documentation was all on paper – there was no EMR in existence,” Jen said. “I think that the Medical Archival Retrieval System (MARS) was one of the very few electronic medical record-keeping systems that existed and were used at UPMC.”

Back then, Jen said her primary job was to come in at 5 a.m., pull any requested medical records, physically deliver them to the patient floors, and place them in their section in a huge binder that contained all the patients’ medical records.

From that role, Jen quickly moved onto a full-time role as the department’s receptionist, then Admin Assistant, then Sr. Admin Assistant. From Medical Records, she moved through UPP and Diversified Services, supporting their CFOs and Human Resources VPs.

“After my stint in UPP, I transferred to the newly-emerged ‘Electronic’ Medical Record group supporting the President,” Jen said. “Every step of my role changes came with career advancement and provided me with the ability to spend time in the myriad of business aspects that support the UPMC entity.”

In 2014, the same manager who hired Jen into her very first role in Medical Records back in 1991 called to offer her a job with her at the Technology Development Center – known today as UPMC Enterprises – as an Operations Coordinator. Today, she serves as the Director of Operations: Infrastructure and Workplace Environment.

Jen is responsible for managing space from a real estate perspective for UPMC Enterprises and its portfolio companies. For Enterprises, this means being the primary point of contact for corporate real estate, the landlord, and the property managers and ensuring that the facility runs smoothly day in and day out from an infrastructure and lease perspective. Her team is also responsible for the development of policies and processes, and events.

Jen also manages daily functions at Enterprises, ensuring that all employees have what they need to work. From kitchen snacks and vending machine stocks to renovations and updated conference rooms, Jen is the one to thank.

For the portfolio companies, her work mainly involves helping them get the space they need to flourish and ultimately commercialize. Whether it’s an office, wet lab, or vivarium, Jen and her team aim to make it all happen.

“All of the work that my team and I are responsible for contributes to our mission of transforming ideas into thriving businesses and life changing medicine,” Jen said.

Jen is proud of where she is today and what she does to support UPMC Enterprises’ mission. While her deep UPMC background has given her the foundation to do her job well, she also appreciates the cool, relaxed atmosphere at Enterprises that allows her to think outside the box and provide the best possible facilities for all employees.

“These 31 years at UPMC have provided me with a breadth of knowledge,” she said. “Having worked in the system for all these years, I’m very knowledgeable about corporate policies and procedures and I incorporate those into my job each day. However, there is a certain amount of autonomy that I’m given to get my job done here at Enterprises which I can appreciate. It’s a great place to work, and I’m lucky to be here.”

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