Bruce Gay to speak at the annual PMI Global Conference

The PMI Global Conference, October 6 – 8 in Los Angeles, will bring together thousands of project management practitioners from around the world to learn, share knowledge, and strengthen their professional networks. Bruce Gay, UPMC Enterprises Senior Program Manager, has been chosen to speak at the annual conference.

In Los Angeles, Bruce will be leading two sessions on the topic of “Bridging Organizational Divides.” In his presentations, Bruce will share a case study from UPMC that explores tips and tricks on Organizational Design and the associated collaboration models that help bridge cross-team dysfunction.

“Most projects span multiple departments and organizations,” said Bruce. “Project leaders are increasingly challenged to align teams with differing business objectives and often contradictory working cultures. As we know, successful team collaboration is hard! I’m looking forward to presenting on this topic and sharing what we’re doing at UPMC to address it.”

Using a case study, Bruce will outline a case study featuring two teams with radically different working cultures coming together to share visions and goals, have more efficient handoffs, and gain a deeper collaboration within the hospital and IT environments. Bruce will share how incorporating tips and tricks from Organizational Design helped overcome these challenges and bridge the organizational divide. A core focus of his discussions will be centered around being proactive about planning and building a structural “linking” mechanism across the teams (e.g. integrator roles, shared collaboration tools, promoting shared objectives, etc.).

Bruce will kick off his presentation, “Putting Customers at the Center of Your Projects,” on Sunday, October 7th at 10:30 am. His second presentation, “Bridging Organizational Divides: From Distrust to Cross-Team Collaboration,” will follow that afternoon at 4:45 pm.

Visit the PMI Global Conference website for more information.